Intermodal Solutions: Hands-on service from $10,000 to $12 million


At Intermodal Solutions we have made our name through comprehensive manufacturing controls, highly competitive pricing, hands on approach and our bottom line commitment to quality.


Our project management approach is designed to achieve the outcomes that all our customers expect, while controlling costs, ensuring quality and the completion of contracts on time – Every Time.


Intermodal Solutions is the largest privately owned and operated container supplier in Australia with an annual turnover of approximately $25 million and 18 employees.


Our staff include engineers, container surveyors, licensed general contractors and business professionals. In addition we have a full complement of qualified sub-contractors and suppliers which enable us to meet all contract requirements.




Our project history includes contracts valued from $10,000 to $12 million. Over the last 8 years we have successfully secured the supply of containerised equipment valued in excess of $80 million and a lease fleet of 2,000 containers.

Our product range includes pallet wide, curtain sided, side door and bulk containers.


Intermodal Solutions, like many suppliers today, manufacture most of its products overseas. Our ability to produce and provide consistently high quality products from our overseas manufacturers is possible due to many factors, some of this include:


• Our business ethic, whereby our customers receive what they have asked for and what has been promised to them.


• Our technical expertise that allows the accurate engineering translation of local requirements into the final product being manufactured.


• Our long term personal and business relationships with a number of manufacturers that allows us access to production facilities and manufacturing expertise which in turn provides us with the confidence of building and supplying products to meet our customer’s design specifications as well as meeting agreed delivery schedules.


• Our number one goal is to deliver outstanding performance, quality equipment and customer satisfaction for the entire process on every build. Our reputation for quality, timeliness, consistency, technical capability, flexibility, good communication and competitiveness have established Intermodal Solutions Pty Ltd as a market leader.


“As our customer we make the following commitments to you”


We will deliver the highest quality level attainable on every build

We will be on schedule, responsive and prompt

We will provide qualified and technically capable staff

We will make full use of our human, financial and technical resources to achieve the performance objectives of each project.

We will communicate frequently, professionally and effectively.