Consultancy - Recent Projects



In 2011 Intermodal Solutions completed a number of consultancy projects for various customers.


ARG Sulphur Containers

Intermodal Solutions engineer was asked by ARG to review the current loading and discharge of bulk containers used for transporting sulphur from Townsville to Mount Isa.

ARG was having problems with the container walls and roofs callapsing.

Intermodal Solutions engineer Matt Chalmers followed a batch of containers through the entire loading and discharging process. Our investigations identified the problem was during the discharge stage of the process. Intermodal Solutions developed a suitable repair program, which was implemented by ARG.


Steel Racks

Intermodal Solutions have been involved with various divisions of One Steel to develop specialised racks for carrying scrap and finished steel products.

Due to One steel requirements and product dimensions a new range of products has been specially developed.


Watch out for them on road, rail and sea in 2012.