Frequently Asked Questions



What can I do with a container ?

You are limited only by your own imagination. 


What is a container made of ?

Containers today are made of rust resistant (corten) steel and generally have treated timber floors. They are designed to meet the rigors of sea, rail and road transportation.


What Types and sizes are available ?

Common sizes available include 10’, 20’ & 40’ in length. Custom built containers can be built to almost any dimension. Container types vary greatly and include general purpose, refrigerated, bulk, open top, curtain side and flat base types. Many other specialised / custom built types are also available.


What colours are they ?

A wide range of colours are available, however depending on your intended use, you may want to talk with your local council/government to see if any restrictions apply.


How is a container delivered ?

Depending on final delivery location, delivery can be arranged via tilt tray vehicles or self unloading vehicles such as side loaders. Most deliveries are trouble free, however consideration should be given to any areas which may be affected by possible height and length restrictions.


Do I need a permit to use a container ?

Depending on your intended use and its stored location, we recommend you seek advice from your local council or governing body.


Can I put the container directly on the ground ?

Yes, but if possible we recommend the use of concrete blocks or railway sleepers to raise the container off the ground for better air circulation which will decrease the likelihood of condensation.


Can I transport my container to another Australian or overseas destination ?

New containers can be moved anywhere, any time via most transport methods. Used containers are generally not certified for rail and sea carriage, however Intermodal Solutions can provide used containers suitable for these modes of transport.


How secure is a container?

Containers are fully lockable and if needed further security can be provided with the addition of a lock box which makes forced entry difficult.


How much does a container weigh ?

Standard 20’ containers weigh approximately 2,400Kgs and Standard 40’ containers weigh approximately 4,200Kgs. Customised container weights can vary depending on final design.