20’ and 40’ Flatracks


Contact Intermodal Solutions to discuss our range of new and used 20' and 40' Flatracks.

Flatracks are generally used for the containerisation of oversize freight or difficult to handle cargo. Customizing flatracks allow them to be specifically built to suit your product and trade.

Features such as collapsable open end walls allow better access and nesting to reduce transport costs.

Flatrack Types Available

• 20’ half height Racks

• 40’ half height racks

• 20’ Collapsable end post • 40’ Collapsable end post • Flush folding designs

• Transiflats


• Leaf or coil spring collapsable posts • Open end wall design

• Wooden or steel deck

• Non-Standard sizes

• Chains, Winches and Straps

• Fixed posts and stanchions if required.