Refrigerated Containers

Intermodal Solutions product range includes refrigerated containers, manufactured specifically for the Australian market place.


• Standard ISO Electric Only Containers

• Pallet Wide Diesel Electric Containers

• 20' and 20' Plus

• 40' and 40' Plus

• 40' and 40' Plus

• External heights of up to 9'10"

• Dual Zone - Freezer Chiller Units


All containers are designed and tested to Australian and ISO Standards and are manufactured using the latest technology in the refrigerated transport industry to ensure maximum thermal efficiency, to ensure your product arrives fresh each and every time.


This next generation container is purpose built for Australian road and rail , The units have an ultra-low tare weight with superior strength and payload. Loading and unloading will never be simpler with our unique double racking system.


The "BIG FREEZETM" is revolutionary in the Australian Market. See page 35 for further details.


Features of Intermodal Solutions Refrigerated Containers:


• High payload and low tare weight

• Load bars to allow double stacking of pallets.

• Can be handled via “Top Lift” 40’ ISO positions when empty or loaded.

• Reinforced side wall structure to allow double stacking capabilities.

• High density foaming used to maximise thermal properties.

• Fork lift rated aluminium ducted air flow flooring.

• Reinforced duct floor so no sagging.

• Sunken Floor to improve internal height

• Flat Floor is also available with higher strength and reduce cleaning time.

• Replaceable upper and lower scuff liners.

• Scuff liners are aluminium or stainless steel



Internal fit out can be customised to your specific needs


• Easily maintained recessed "load trough",

• Decking/load beams

• Recessed load restraint "F" track

• Shoring bars

• Internal roof lighting

• Internal storage areas for all components.

• Emergency escape mechanisms fitted to doors.

• Diesel and electric powered refrigeration plants

• Motor unit front protective frame fitted.

• Fuel tank.

• Thermo King or Carrier Units can be fitted..